Informative channels, websites and apps

Mindbloom wellbeing YouTube channel

On our Mindbloom wellbeing YouTube channel we offer a collection of Mindfulness exercises recorded by Nellie Stiny and a collection of informative videos on different subjects, such as trauma, anxiety, depression, schematherapy, EMDR and more.

Therapeutic modalities

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR): Vereniging EMDR Nederland (VEN).

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT): Vereniging voor Gedragstherapie en Cognitieve Therapie (VGCT).

Schema Focused Therapy (SFT): Vereniging voor schematherapie.

Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT): Mindfulness

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: ACT in actie

Guidelines and ethical codes

Mental Health Care guidelines: GGZ Richtlijnen.

Dutch institute of psychologists (NIP & NVGzP): Beroepsinstituut van psychologen

Register for professions in health care: BIG-register

E-Health (Dutch)

113 suicide prevention: Everybody that experiences suicidal thought and their significant others can contact 113 anonymously, 24/7 and for free. Professionals and intensively trained volunteers offer accessible help, a.o. in the form of crisis help lines, online therapy and digital self help options. You can also call 0800-0113. 


 Addiction treatment: Free, anonymous and online. www.alcoholondercontrole.nl  | www.cannabisondercontrole.nl | www.drugsondercontrole.nl | www.gokkenondercontrole.nl  | www.pokerondercontrole.nl

Behandelhulp: Here you can find articles, forms, film clips, book tips and other sources of self-help that may help you deal with psychological issues.

Durfjijmetmij: A contact and meeting website hosted by Parnassia Groep for people with psychiatric or psychosocial challenges. You can find friends and people to do something together and date or find a relationship.

Farmacotherapeutisch kompas: Here you can find all medications and their indications, side-effects and interactions.  

GGZ Noord-Holland-Noord: This organization offers free online training programs: a sleep training, training for significant others, alcohol use, work stress, rumination, mindfulness, depression and self-image.

Indigo: Free anonymous online treatment for anxiety, panic and depression.  

KopOpOuders Zelfhulp: Parenting support. This is meant for parents that experience stress, psychological or addiction difficulties and their potential partners. You can find info, support, connect with other parents and follow free courses.

Kopstoring: A website for youth that have a parent with psychological or addiction problems. You can find info, support, can connect with other youth and follow a free course.

Mentaal vitaal: information about mental vitality, tips and exercises.

Mind Korrelatie:  Anonymous, professional, psychological and psychosocial support. Individual advice and support from psychologists and social workers for everyone that asks for it, by phone or online.

OCDnet: Professional information about OCD, for everyone that deals with compulsion.

Psychosenet: The platform for psychosis sensitivity, trauma, mood and recovery.


The Mental Health Care App Guide can help you find apps in Dutch and English, to help you strengthen your mental resilience.


 Apps (English)

Daylio: Self-Care Bullet Journal with Goals
Mood Diary & Happiness Tracker.

ClinTools (only for IOS). A CBT app. It contains forms for doing reappraisals of metacognitive beliefs, cognitive restructuring as well as behavioral experiments.

Gamban: An app to block gambling websites.

Headspace: An app for guided mindfulness meditations, breathing and living with more awareness.

Icouch: An app to write down your thoughts and challenge them. Icouch is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Kairoz: Develop your child’s autonomy through a fun adventure and get personalized parental tips.

Nice Day: Here you will find accessible tips, information and education about mental health, freely available to everyone. Every week there are new blog articles written by psychologists, nursing specialists, psychiatrists and (former) clients. Also, you can find a broad array of psychoeducation in the field of anxiety, depression and more, developed by specialists from all over the Netherlands to help. This way you can continue to work on your mental health independently.

Pacifica: An app that helps you deal with stress, anxiety and depression, based on cognitive behavioral therapy.

PanicShield: Panic attacks. The app contains a guide (psycho-education), breathing exercises, interoceptive exposure and external exposure.

Super Brains: An app to work more effectively towards your goals and keep the direction over your life. The app has a calendar, to do list, coaching, relaxation exercises, instruction videos and handy tools to help you accomplish your goals.


Apps (Dutch)

Abi: An app to support people that are part of the community of someone suffering with depression. You can find tips and information on how to talk about depression and make someone feel heard and seen.

AutThere: A social app for youth with autism. It enables you to find people with similar interests and communicate with each other. 

BackUp: Suicide prevention. An app that can serve as a basis when experiencing suicidal thoughts. The app contains multiple tools that can help overcome a crisis or prevent a next crisis. The app is interactive, so you can also work with it if you want to be a BackUp for someone else. It contains a safety plan, memories and contact information.

Brijder keuzehulp: Addiction. An app to help you look for suitable help to deal with problems caused by alcohol, drugs, medication, gambling or gaming at Brijder.

DGT onderweg: App for people with emotion regulation difficulties. The app contains mindfulness exercises, step-by-step plans, tips for emotional regulation, craving, suicidal thought a.o.

GedachteGrip: CBT. A step-by-step plan to learn to discover your thinking errors and challenge the automatic thoughts and replace them by helping thoughts. This app also has a gratitude journal.

Goldstein ACT: Aggression regulation training.

Maxx: Alcohol. The Maxx app supports you while reducing or stop drinking alcohol. Maxx helps to prepare you in situations where you find it difficult not to drink (too much) and stick to your ‘max’. This app also is suitable for people that want to stop drinking temporarily and for people that already stopped and wish to maintain this.

Mediant 5g app: Mediant 5G is an app which focuses on the thought record: situation, thoughts, feelings and behavior. Information is given about cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Mediation Moments: Meditations for better sleep, less stress, more focus.

Mindfulness coach (VGZ): The free app offers a 5-week program to get acquainted with mindfulness techniques.

Mind Connect: Connect with likeminded people. You can search for similar experiences, age or interests to find someone you would like to connect with.

On Track Again: An app to help youth and young adults get their life back on track after a suicide attempt.

Suzie: Coaching. Suzie is for everyone that want to have a personal plan to help themselves in challenging times. The app helps to regulate intense emotions, changing behavior and avert a crisis.

Temstem: Hearing voices. With the help of language games, the app helps to relieve the impact of the voices by temporarily stopping the voices, making the voices less lively and impressive, helping the user to feel stronger and more self-confident.  

VraagMaar: An app focusing on suicide prevention. Many people find it difficult to talk about suicide, but we can. The VraagMaar app guides us in this conversation, with explanations, exercises, tips and tricks. A conversation can make a difference.

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