Nellie Stiny

BIG registered Health Care Psychologist (GZ-psycholoog), certified and experienced in:

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR)
Schematherapy (SFT)
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Mindfulness Based Cognitive therapy (MBCT)
Acceptance and Commitment (ACT)
Existential wellbeing counseling


My name is Nellie Stiny. My interest in why people do what they do has driven me to study Clinical psychology in Amsterdam and travel to many different countries across the globe to immerse myself in other cultures, beliefs and (existential) philosophies. I worked in psychology practices in the Netherlands and founded Mindbloom in 2013. I have lived in Chiang Mai, Thailand, together with my family and worked as a psychologist, where I am grateful to have had the chance to work with people from a variety of cultures, beliefs, gender and orientations. At the end of 2019, we moved back to the Netherlands, just before covid hit. We settled back in as a family, feeling thankful of being back in our familiar environment during these uncertain times. In this period, I furthered my education and started my practice in the wonderful forest environment in ‘s-Graveland, the Netherlands, where I’m connected to wonderful professionals in the field of mental, somatic and spiritual health. In my life I worked through the challenges of trauma and the challenges of moving to a different country (and culture) and transitioning back. My experience as well as my knowledge and training help me guide you during your challenges. In my work I offer you a personal way of guidance attuned to your unique person, needs and wishes, background and (environmental) challenges.


My entire being is my tool: my body, brain, senses, soul. Without these tools I could not function properly. This is why it is so important to take care of my entire being. Finding ways to manage my stress levels, health and take care of my needs and wishes, while respecting my boundaries and limitations has been challenging. Yes, I bumped against walls, tried to run through them without knowing they were there, which have been painful and enriching life’s lessons. Through these lessons I got to know myself better: my tendencies, my (organismic) limitations, my will and desires, which I sometimes call my ‘wild horses’, my vulnerable parts, my strengths, my healthy wise mode. Ways in which I take care of myself on a regular basis are: morning pages (journaling), identifying and reconnecting to my values and taking value-based action, checking in with my basic needs taking care of these, mindfulness meditation, yoga, slowing down, taking 15 to 20-minute de-stimulation breaks, music, connecting with people I trust and feel safe with, being in nature and using my bodily senses to connect with my environment, (social) media detox, doing laundry, cooking a nutritious meal, enjoying a favorite television series, being with our pets and creative (physical and emotional) expression in the form of writing / drawing / animation / collaging / photography / any medium I feel like using.

Professional self-care

When it comes to professional self-care I engage in ongoing supervision and multidisciplinary intervision. I’m a member of a schematherapy intervision group and a multidisciplinary intervision group. I continuously further my education, stay up to date on new developments in the field of mental health. Previously I engaged in learning therapy and experienced therapeutic modalities when needed or desired.

Education and development

As a Health Care Psychologist (NL: GZ-psycholoog, BIG registered), I have a university degree in Clinical Psychology and continuously further(ed) my education. I am specialized to treat people with a broad range of psychological problems. In my toolbox you can find Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR), Schema therapy (SFT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Existential Wellbeing Counselling, Mindfulness (MBCT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Valued colleague Brigitte Ponjee and I developed the Pure Living group therapy training and dear colleague Peter Seidler and I developed the Mindful leadership seminar.


Health Care Psychologist (NL: GZ-psycholoog) BIG: 09931906725

Professions in the Individual Health Care (NL: Beroepen in de Individuele Gezondheidszorg)

Dutch Institute of Psychologists NIP: 140358

(NL: Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen)

National Association of Independant Psychologists and Psychotherapists LVVP: 5914

(NL: Landelijke Vereniging van Vrijgevestigde Psychologen en Psychotherapeuten)

Schema Therapy Association VSt: 210249

(NL: Vereniging voor Schematherapie)

Dutch EMDR Association VEN: 36908

(NL: Vereniging EMDR Nederland)

Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies VGCT: 307217

(NL: Vereniging voor Gedrags- en Cognitieve Therapieën)

Chamber of Commerce KVK: 88016307

(NL: Kamer van Koophandel)

AGB code Mindbloom: 94067275

AGB code Nellie Stiny: 94108374 

(NL: Algemeen Gegevens Beheer AGB)


Current: Dorine Sanders (CBT, EMDR), Sammy Peter (ST)
Annelyn Surquin (CBT and GZ-opleiding)
Madelein Huisman (GZ-opleiding)
Marjan Schreurs (Schema therapy)
Suzy Matthijssen (EMDR)
Saskia Lamers (GZ-opleiding)
Eline van Arkel (GZ-opleiding)
Annelyn Surquin (General)

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